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Welcome to my new Interior Design Blog.

As this is my first blog, and first entry, I would ask that you forgive any flop entries, and anything else that might be posted that is less than perfect.

When I decided go ahead and start a blog, a true "techie" friend of mine told me it was certainly about time...I replied of course that I could only be "on the cutting edge of just so many things", but I decided to just jump in!

My goal or this blog is to create a forum for the discussion of all things "style", design, and lifestyle, to share with you, my philosophy, ideas, concepts, and sometimes just chat.

My perhaps lofty ambitions are to:

  • Have a project review each week, sometimes my own, and sometimes from another source, including some from followers of my blog.
  • Interview professionals in the design, architecture, construction, furniture, banking, real estate fields, disussing their relationships to interior design
  • Offer advice on selecting, estimating, and just plain having fun with your project
  • Discuss the roles of interior designers
  • Share beautiful, wonderful finds

Stay tuned for more!

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