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Addition to Texas Governor's Mansion fight not over yet!

Although the most current plans to build an addition to the Texas Governors Mansion in Austin, have been scrapped, this does not mean future attempts have been stopped. The news broadcast January 16, 2010 simply means the most current plan is no longer being considered.

As one of the Interior Designers who was Honored to be invited by Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sandefer, to give a proposal for the 2002 remodel and restoration of "Woodlawn- The Pease Mansion", I was appalled at the 1950's addition to the structure, and although somewhat better designed and implemented, the early 1900's addition was terrible as well. (Both additions have now been removed) The current Governors Mansion, and Woodlawn, were both designed by Abner Cook, and the possibility, in fact probability in my opinion, that the integrity of such a landmark be compromised or quite possibly destroyed by an ill or otherwise, designed addition is unacceptable!

The Statesman Newspaper Link below, shows in plan, the addition, which according to former Historical Commissioner, J.P. Bryan of Alpine is "an appendage that makes no good sense," he said. "It would be like building onto the Alamo." Although this particular addition has been scrapped, it is unlikely that any new plan proposed for an addition will be any better, given that the persons charged with the approval process obviously have no wish to retain the historical, and architectural value of the structure.

Please check out the links below for more information, and please sign the petition to Stop any and all plans for additions to the structure. If the First Family of Texas needs more space, build a new property.

The following is from the petition website

"Historical Landmarks that are altered can loose their historical status. But, most of all, this is not the time to be adding square footage to the Governor's Mansion when the financial status of Texas taxpayers has never been worse.... The mansion will be restored to it's original glory and represent the pride and heritage found in Texas. Politicians and their wives come and go... How in this day and time, can anyone even justify a $25M addition to any single family resident regardless of its historical significance. The average Austin, TX high-end home has a square foot value of around $200 to $250 per square foot. That would mean that the addition would have to be between 100,000 and 125,000 square feet of additional space. Is there really enough acreage on the side lawn of the Governor's Mansion to build a structure the size of a Dillard's department store?"

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