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For the adventurous only!

The newest trend in bathing, is a bit exotic, and well...downright SEXY!

First there were occluded glass and frosted glass shower and tub, enclosures. Then ribbed glass became popular, and the 80's brought lots of glass brick. Then clear glass became popular. I still remember my mother's reaction the first time she saw a clear glass enclosure at a show home.

I suppose it was a sense of modesty as well as self consciousness that prevailed in her reaction, and I even experienced the same reaction from clients a few times when I would specify clear enclosures. (As well as large mirrors behind tubs) we have the ultimate...clear bathtubs!

This posting features 3 of the best.

First from Prizma Studios we have the Prizmabath Clear bath tub, above. In clear glass and stainless steel, it is available in custom as well as standard sizes. It can have rounded or square sides for retrofit.

This little number is from Wasauna and is a whirlpool as well as a tub. Multiple jets are located in the stainless steel base, and the sleigh design is at home in transitional, as well as modern or contemporary homes. The tub measures 68 x 26 x 28, and the beautiful chrome faucet stand and hand shower are included.

And my vote for the sexiest of all, the “Milo” tub designed by Alessando Lenard, and manufactured by Groupo Treesse of Italy, below.

This tub is clear glass with leather wrapped head rests, handrails, and base. The same basic style is also available with wenge, oak, or leather wrapped sides instead of the glass.

For an excellent in depth review of the Milo, check out.

Aside from the obvious visual, sensual, and know... advantages of these, dare I say tubs, they are wonderful in giving the illusion of space. In todays "spa baths" the tub often interferes with the peaceful look one is working to attain. The translucent quality of glass allows the freedom to design interesting flooring, walls, niches, and anything the designer can come up without compromise. These tubs are ideal for bathrooms with limited space, redesign or retrofits. Expect a price tag beginning at $5000 and up.

Sure does make you want to hit the gym and work out!!

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