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Glamour is Back!

I have always been a huge fan of the movies from the 30's and 40's. The clothes, the people, and of course the sets. Glamour was the name of the game, and although times may not have been so good for many, you wouldn't know it from the popular flicks that abounded on screen.

As an army brat growing up in the late 60's and 70's, I remember watching my parents get ready for parties, and nights at the club, thinking this was the life for me. Obviously movies, and watching Mom and Dad had a huge influence on my design philosophy. I believe that our environments should be meticulously created to satisfy our most inner personal visions of ourselves. Care should be taken to create spaces that reflect who we are within...certainly outside influences must be considered, but preferably in a practical sense, and not defining, as often external factors may not be perfect.

Imagine how thrilled I was to find that one of my favorite iconic design figures has finally released a book illustrating this philosophy. Jan Showers, of Dallas has released "Glamorous Rooms" (Abrams, $50). I knew that I loved her work, and design vision, but had forgotten what a huge influence she has had on me and my work.

In these rough economic times, I believe luxury is a necessary and essential part of happiness. Showers discusses this in two wonderful interviews at the links below. She also discusses how people are more educated about design, (interiors and fashion),what I call the level of sophistication, and are better schooled in what is appropriate. Although, I would not particularly agree with the general public being aware of what is appropriate in fashion ,I do agree whole heartedly with Showers, we all need a little glamour, even if it is a glamorized version of doing something simple or mundane. It is almost ceremonial, like a Japanese Tea ceremony. It is not what you are doing, but HOW...enjoy and celebrate the process.

Glamour has gotten a bad rap lately, and even though the word originally meant "illusion" essentially, it is not fake or false. If a room is glamorous, and it makes you feel good, that is not an illusion...enjoy and celebrate the process....enjoy and celebrate glamour!

I could of course go on and on, but I recommend you clink the links below and read for yourself, knowing that Ms. Showers and I share many of the same philosophies, likes, and dislikes, and most importantly these room essentials:

  • Make good eye-level lighting a priority. "Nothing is more important," says Showers, who sprinkles rooms with curvy lamps and sparkly sconces to create an intimate glow.

  • Use color to create a mood for each room. Prime example? "I wanted my dining room in Dallas to feel cool and calming, so I chose a wonderful sea color. Everyone loves it."

  • Style should not preclude comfort. "Chairs and sofas should be incredibly comfortable; otherwise, no one wants to sit in the room."

  • Invest in at least one great piece of furniture - preferably an antique. "This is what adds character."

  • Place a table by every chair for drinks. "Enough said!"

  • "A lot of people say is it OK to have a mirror in every room. I say it’s not OK not to. A mirror can add a window on a wall, and it also adds an element of sparkle or shimmer."

    Please also check out this incredible line "Shine" by s.h.o. (see below) Tailored, restrained, elegant...Glamorous!

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