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Must See Art from Brooke Gassiot Austin Texas "Light Boxes"

Last month I attended a showing of work by my friend Brooke Gassiot, here in Austin. The medium, light boxes...My first thought, after receiving the invitation took me back to the shoe-box dioramas we all made in elementary school, then to so many boring, poorly executed "shadow boxes" we as designers have seen over and over, being presented as something new and different. But I knew Brooke was different...

This...these are different. As you see by my note to Brooke after the show, I was blown away, as was the entire crowd.

"Your shadow boxes are exquisite! So visually different, different in materials, and application, and yet they evoke a sense of strong that one gets lost in them. Your multi-dimensional boxes have a life of their own, and all who viewed them last evening were entranced by their beauty and sincerity. Congratulations!"

"...miniature installations..." as described by -Alissa Bayer, the Gallery Owner

Enough Must See them...

Please check out Brooke Gassiot Light[Box]es

You will not be disappointed!

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