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Well... after being asked numerous times, way too many to keep up with, I decided to post the answer to the following:
Is your studio still on West Sixth Street?

The answer is no. After dreaming of having a fabulous Studio/office on West Sixth here in Austin, as long as I can remember, even before I knew what I would be doing, I moved after 8 1/2 years.

I loved this space, and put a great deal of heart, soul, and design into it after taking the lease in 2000. Assisted by Jennifer O'Day of Medici Designs, who interpreted my designs in beautiful faux and trompe l'oeil work, Sharon St John, of St John Landscapes, and Bill Masuzo, The Wallmaster (wallpaper installer) I had my dream space.
The house itself was built in 1928, and by the end of Summer 2008, it was showing it. After the May storm in 08 took out the electrical in the entire front of the space, things continued downhill. A plumbing leak developed under the house, which when repaired caused many others. A ridiculously bad tree trimming by an overzealous property manager took all the shade away, running the a/c bill $125 higher for the first month, more than my highest ever.

Believe it or not that was not all....On Memorial Day a drunk driver drag racing his buddy down 6th, lost control of his car, spun around, landing in the front yard, destroying plants, landscaping, and a retaining wall. Another 24" and he would
have plowed through the front windows into the conference room, where we were putting presentation boards together. He ran from the scene and falsely called his car in stolen to APD, a felony. So no insurance for me as they don't pay on felony investigations...

The plumbing needed to be redone, the electrical system as well, and the front landscaping was a mess. There was no way I could handle working in that environment, while these repairs were made. As a treasured client remarked "now its your turn", referring to the multiple remodels we have done together.

As sad as I was to leave my dream studio, and my beloved neighbors The Flower Studio, Andrew Sterling, and Linda Asaf Designs, traffic, noise, and par
king were not ideal. I have taken a space not far from the old place, not as large, but certainly adequate, and am looking for new digs.

That said, I would like to remember the old place in her glory days. (perhaps a bit enhanced)

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