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I have often been surprised when chatting with new client prospects, friends, and even acquaintances, at how much I think they know about what I do as an Interior Designer. Perhaps it was my own ego, that made me believe that I was so fascinating, but I soon realized that it was my place to answer their questions, and in fact become so.
With that in mind, I created this little outline which I have used for several years in my one sheet brochure, and thought I would share it with you. Certainly, many will find much of the information old news, but I hope that there might be some tidbit that will add some insight in to this great profession!

What is an interior designer?
 An interior designer studies, researches, identifies, then develops creative solutions to problems concerning the interior environment, either conceptual or real. Services offered may include programming, space planning, plan development, design analysis, visioning or property enhancement counseling, specifications, and aesthetic evaluation-application, purchase management, shopping with and for the client, market trips, and e-design.
Why should I consider working with a professional designer.
An interior designer offers his or her time, resources, experience, knowledge, and expertise to mold and create a space with the clients needs foremost. An experienced designer can save clients from making mistakes or decisions that will later on become problems, pass along discounts, share resources available to the trade only, and alert clients to new trends or products. The client’s needs can be identified, and a program created to satisfy these needs within the parameters of budget, time, and knowledge of materials, construction, building codes, furnishings, and aesthetic principles. Designers find creative solutions as well as technical and practical ones.
What about the costs
Working with an interior designer does not have to be costly. Project costs do vary greatly depending on whether or not there will be demo and construction, and certainly the amount of remodeling, architectural detailing, or demolition involved will adjust the total. If the project is purely cosmetic, or a redesign, consideration is given based on what items will remain, and what, if any new, purchases will be necessary. The most important thing to remember is that whatever you spend with a interior designer is an investment in your environment, not simply a figure to be tallied in the expense column. Consider, for example, recent statistics which show that upgrading your kitchen or bath has an 80 to 125 per cent recovery at resale, exclusive of the personal joy and pleasure you will experience in the interim. When choosing furnishings and accessories, a designers resources will allow you to see a broader selection, so you can make an educated decision, in other words chose what is exactly right for you, thus eliminating the possibility of bad choices and money ill spent. In addition, often the smaller the budget, the more important the need for a professional as each decision and dollar is more critical.
When should I bring an Interior Designer into the project
Ideally the designer should be involved during the initial planning stages of a project. When plans are being drawn, decisions can be reviewed and easily changed. Ideas can be discussed and planned for in the future, and ultimately costs can often be reduced due to fewer expensive changes or reworking after construction has begun or been completed. However, it is never too late to bring a professional into the project. In existing or working projects, an Interior Designer can review and analyze the current conditions, assimilate client input and then make recommendations. Often simply having a fresh viewpoint can give the client and project the needed lift. A light face-lift of paint, wall covering, window treatments, accessories, or furnishings may be all that is needed, or perhaps a larger scale transformation. You and your designer can coordinate what is existing with new ideas to create something uniquely tailored for you.
What is important in selecting an Interior DesignerThere are many factors involved in selecting and deciding on your interior designer. Experience, specific knowledge, space planning expertise, resources, and ability to listen to the client, should all be requirements. Reputation is another important quality. Is the individual respected in the community, is he or she involved in the community? Who are the previous clients? These are questions to ask. However, the best way to research designers is to meet and talk with them. Ask questions, and get a feel for who they are, what their goals for the project are, and how they align with yours. Review their work, and discuss the processes used to create this work. Always remember that this should be a very gratifying and long lasting relationship- you are on your way to maximizing your environment and creating the lifestyle you deserve. Be comfortable with whom you choose to help get you there.

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