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Extraordinary Lake Austin Contemporary

Last month, I had the good fortune to attend an event that not only exhibited wonderful contemporary art, was filled with beautiful, happy, intelligent, and charismatic people, but that took place in one of the most phenomenal custom homes I have seen in our fair city in some time.

The event , a collaboration between Deborah Page Projects and Boyd & Boyd Properties, LLC was held at 3402 Mount Bonnell Road, on the shores of Lake Austin, Thursday, January 14. The home was custom designed and built for couple who had intended to live in it here in Austin, but fate had other plans, and they relocated to the East Coast.

Now on the market for a steal of a deal at 3.5 million, the residence was designed by the renowned architectural firm, Andersson-Wise, and superbly executed by leading green builder, Pilgrim Building Company of Austin. The home was also viewed on the Austin Modern Homes Tour in February.

Anderson-Wise was co-founded by legendary architect Charles Moore, and his namesake firm has retained many of his ideals concerning the way a house should be conceived, built, and lived in. Moore’s belief that a sense of community was essential in relating to a site, as well as within a structure is evident in the floor plan and layout of this home.
Rooms are defined, yet open freely into and onto each other, while still retaining their separation. Architectural elements boundry walls, ceilings, floors, adding interest and well defined though subtle division. Unexpected spaces, ledges, openings and niches catch the eye and hold interest with wonder and curiosity, another trademark Moore element. Illusory elements such as mirrors expand the view as in the photo, above.

Beautiful selection of materials including woods of various species, glass, copper, and steel work in tandem to create a livable sculpture, with the hill country view beyond.

Then…there is the pool! Out the glass doors from the living room, one walks a short distance on the Brazilian Mansanduba wood deck to the “beach”, a shallow wading pool, and beyond that, a lap pool extending the length of the property to, and over the edge of the cantilevered structure, ending in the surreal “viewing cube”, a clear glass end hanging precariously over the water. Imagine, swimming your lap, turning and heading towards a blue light, then seemingly swimming into Lake Austin itself.

Of course there is some question as to how much one would really see through the glass, but all that’s beside the point isn’t it.

Adjustable steel shelves are suspended on a wood background

ZigZag cutout follows the edge of the stair

At 3.5 million a steal, yes. More importantly, a property that is more than just a luxury home. More than simply lots of space, expensive materials, and a “statement” but a meaningful architectural sculpture. A building with heart and soul…(and a perfect view). How about you check out the website for more photos, then...You tell me…


  1. Truly a work of art, a feat of Modernist Architecture. Beautiful to look at, but I wonder how it functions as a livable space. The wide open spaces I imagine must feel liberating, like getting a breath of fresh air. And that pool is stunning! Also the perfect setting for any art from Modernism, to Pop and Post-Modernism.

  2. You are exactly right Luis! The open plan, expansive glass windows overlooking the lake, and the almost geometric divisions created by the walls and partitions are the perfect venue for all forms of contemporary art. I should think even the classics would would look very good in juxtaposition as well....Surprisingly, the layout functioned very well in a party situation, and from a space planning perspective I think living in it would be quite comfortable...The only part of the layout that was a bit odd was the division of the master bedroom, sitting room, and the closet/dressing room on the other side of the upper hall. And honestly after the initial "odd" feeling I dont think it would bother me. Thank you for your comments, and I look forward to meeting you in person soon!

  3. Yes I bet living in it is a great experience. Hope to meet you soon too! Let me know of any events like these in the Austin area, I would love to attend. Here is my contact info:

  4. What a beautiful home. What an incredible pool! Imagine furnishing it. What a challenging--but fun--task!


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