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Five Tips to a Sexy Bath!

A sexy room is a combination of several elements carefully selected, arranged, and tweaked to materialize and form a space that evokes emotions that make you feel sexy. You know it when you feel it, and it is unmistakable. It is a product of a multi- sensory experience. A bathroom is no different; however it does lend itself to the application of some elements that are particularly suited to bath use. Here are a few tips to increase your bath's sex appeal.

1. Functionality...
Not only can the space function but does it function. Humans will do what humans will do....not what we tell them, and even guided, old habits die hard. A visually beautiful bath may look perfect, but the test comes when the owner lives in it. If it doesn't function simply and easily, it’s like a mannequin dressed to the heart no soul....empty...vapid is not sexy.

2. Sexy is Primal, Basic to Nature...
Include natural materials. Natural stone, including granite, marble, slate, and limestone (all must be sealed). Man-made quartz solid surfaces work as long as they are paired with woods, and metals. Avoid synthetics. Integrate metal with your fixtures, even sinks and tubs. For modern or contemporary looks be sure to mix in wood, preferably with a satin finish with grain showing for contrast to the sleek tile, and other modern surfaces. Too much gloss is dated- unless on extremely high end Euro-Style cabinets…dated is not sexy. Gloss, matte, honed and satin finishes are available in most all materials these days, including metals.

3. Its all about the Water…
Water is sexy...on it's own with no help. We want to see it flow, fall, drip and cascade...we want to vaporize it and surround ourselves with it. We love the sound it makes when hitting a copper sink, the trickle over a fountain, and the feel of the shower spray. Choose faucets that accentuate these. Faucets that allow you to see the water flow, waterfalls, tall ones that create long pipes of water, vessel sinks, and wall mount faucets are perfect. In the shower, a hand shower, wall head, and rain head are all essentials, on a diverter to function individually or in tandem to surround the body with water. Full body sprays are another way to surround yourself. Consider a steam shower, as the combination of heat, and vapor is inherently sexy! Use mirror freely, it mimics the waters reflective qualities.

4. Effective Lighting is Essential...
Different tasks require different types of lighting in a bath as in any other room. All too often you walk into a bathroom and you will have vanity lighting, and some type of ceiling lighting intended to flood the entire room, often on the same switch. This is common even in large baths. Separate vanities should each have their own controls, a shower or bath light should function individually as well, ceiling lighting on yet another. All should be on dimmers. If you must have the lighting on one switch, play with the wattage level in each fixture until you find to a pleasing ambience.

5. Let a Bathroom be a Bathroom…
If you don't have enough room to put the toilet in a separate room, don't try some 60's- 70's half wall to hide it, or try to slip pass code and put it in a too tiny room of its own. If a divider of some sort is wanted, satin or clear glass, a privacy drape (either functional or not), shoji screen, even blinds, strategically placed work well. In smaller spaces leave the toilet exposed. Common sense will allow your subconscious mind to put it all together without overkill.

An anti-tip, if you will. Please only use clear or satin glass in your tub and shower surrounds, unless you are restoring or designing in period style!

Take a look at these stunning SEXY baths and let me know what YOU think!

Master Bathroom contemporary bathroom
Interior shots modern bathroom
Hotel Bathroom Suite modern bathroom
<span class=
Spanish Oaks Spa Bath contemporary bathroom

Notice how simple the layout is in this medium sized bath below...everything is where it should be...and in the open...however clever use of materials, fixtures and other elements give this number a sexy twist...

Commercial Endeavours eclectic bathroom

Great space planning (below) always adds to sex appeal...

440 House contemporary bathroom

Wonderful use of natural and artificial light, stone, natural wood, and freestanding tub...

Fairfax Bathroom contemporary bathroom

The wood tile behind the vanity, teak floor mattes, petite leg vanities and led lighting give a sexy nightclub feel to this bath...

Pool House & Wine Cellar modern bathroom

Again natural and artificial light, lots of water surface, warm wood, natural and glass tile...
contemporary bathroom ideas contemporary bathroom

Ebony stained cherry wood, cream marble, sconce and overhead lighting create contrast- Natural slate floor and splash- free standing tub within a fully tiled windowed room beyond glass, also houses the toilet with a glass shield to protect the paper holder! Multi level vanity allows for vessel sink at standard countertop height.
Hill Country Contemporary Bath II contemporary bathroom

Retro can be sexy too...think Marlene Dietrich, Bardot, even Monroe- Sexy in its simplicity...and function

Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc traditional bathroom
Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc traditional bathroom

Let a toilet be a toilet...even set it off with spectacular tile!

Bathroom traditional bathroom

The restrictive nature of the tile curb in this traditional bath adds tremendous practicality...and something a little more perhaps?

Benvenuti and Stein traditional bathroom

The chiseled edge granite, modern steel sink and glazed and painted bead-board cabinets create a complex visual especially with the fleur-de-lis wallcovering and patterned tile...
Pool Bath modern bathroom

Greywashed natural pine cabinets with Empress Rose and Rojo Caliente marble tile, undersized bar style faucet, and antique French sconces create an offbeat elegance...

Escala Bath mediterranean bathroom

I imagine you noticed there are few traditional examples...a beautiful bath may not be sexy...and lack of the "sexy" factor does not take away from a beautiful room...this post is about sexy. I would love for you to share some of your sexy baths....

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