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"Philosodesignaphizing"- or The Philosophy of Design

 "Salut Printemps" 

   Besides being one of my favorite pieces by my favorite classical composer Debussy, "Salut Printemps" means "Spring Greetings" or loosely "Welcome Spring" I bid you "Spring Greetings and welcome you to this glorious time of year!"

  Just in time it would seem as we recently sprang forward  getting an extra hour of daylight, perfect for all our warmer season projects...

   This renewed energy and extended daylight naturally encourages discussion and plan fact it sparked a rather lively discussion within my group of Architect, Interior Designer, and other "creative" type friends.

   In our discussions I made the statement, which I believe 
fervently, that "good design is good design", and that "it can be accomplished at any price point...however not every style can be accomplished at any price point." 

   As I was spouting this gem, I remembered an old quote my brother shared with me years ago from an unknown source, "Life is beautiful, but expensive. Man can have it cheaper, but then it is not so beautiful." I believe it was of German origin. And here is where it gets tricky...very vs design vs beauty. 

   Design by nature adheres to a time honored set of principles that can be studied, learned, defined and even proven. Style is something that is developed, is quite subjective...and even personal. And well beauty...we all know where that is beholding! 

   What does this all have to do with interior design you ask? I believe that everyone should have an interior designer, a good one. Many people are their own excellent designers, but most are not...Now that HGTV and other networks are showing viewers that it is possible to create a wonderful home on a budget, it's fairly easy to accept that good design can be accomplished at any price. But is not as easy as it is on TV.

   On the other hand, if you are heart set on a Louis XV high French Interior then you will definitely need to drop some big bucks. This style is all but impossible to achieve otherwise. I have never seen it done cheaply without looking so, even with reasonably priced antiques. It lends itself to garishness quiet easily. (A quick note, Louis style is a favorite of mine, in spite of how I may sound) Classic modern, Italian contemporary, and Scandinavian styles are also difficult to pull off on a small budget. 
   Most people don't choose a defined style and implement it entirely these days, but it seems these two "philosophies" if you will, have been confused. As for beauty, my cronies and I did all agree that in general concerning this third aspect,  the level of appreciated beauty did tend to rise along with price and investment...  

  All this "philosodesignaphizing" comes to this...the smaller your budget, the more essential an interior designer's help. If you have a mishmash of hand me down items, drop some bucks and have a local professional spruce up your space. A fresh eye, a little color on the walls, a new arrangement who knows, but a professional can do will be amazed!

  If you do have some funds to invest, choose some finer pieces that you really love, and mix in more reasonable ones alongside them. A trained interior designer can build off these favored pieces and create a glorious space where only other well trained individuals will know where the money was spent. But of course it won't matter because everything will seamlessly integrate into a well planned whole. But without the expertise of a professional, you might be better off shoveling a few things into a well dug hole...

  As for the lucky clients who have unlimited budgets...well they too need help quite often. Whereas these well budgeted interiors may contain exquisite pieces, without a trained eye they can look well below their potential. Just peruse the web a bit and you will see what I mean. 

  What a perfect segue into one of my company taglines... 

      "Don't you deserve to enjoy total comfort and security in the choices you make...with the advantage of knowing they are the most appropriate for you?"

Why not ask for some help...we designers love it when you do...and more deserve it!


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