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Bring the Indoors OUT!

The finest in indoor living, is now available for the outdoors!-'s the height of the Jazz Age and you are lounging by the pool at San Simeon. Your martinis are COLD, and your companion is HOT! 

   The sun is blinding, so you retire to the cabana...but the cabana is in your own backyard! Remarkably, all this can be yours here and now...Phillipe Starck,  Henry Hall, Oscar de La Renta, Richard Frinier, Barbara Barry, and more designers every day are recreating the glamorous days of old in unbelievably sexy, yes sexy outdoor furniture and accessories.

   What began about 10 years ago has taken the industry by storm… Interior Design Outside!!! In the beginning it was all about the outdoor kitchen…today it’s “the outdoor room”. Defined by rugs, canvas dividers, furniture placement, planters, and plantings these wonderfully open spaces are the new frontier for creative designers. 

Scalamandre Island Collection

Once upon a time the lonely cabana stripe and plain Jane solid ruled for outdoor use. Today lines such as Scalamandre's Island Cloth , Joe Ruggiero for Sunbrella  and S Harris lead the way with easy care, chlorine bleach safe- bright colorful patterns, prints, even lightweight sheers for drapery and tassel trims for accents. Not even tree sap or mildew can spoil this party! 

3D Collection from Jardin de Ville

Today let's take a look at some of the elements available to create these elegant, functional and hot spaces. Jardin de Ville has several widely varied lines ranging from modular sectional furnishings such as 3D (see above) to the minimalist BG1 group (see below) 

BG1 from Jardin de Ville

They also offer a full line of accessories ranging from canvas sail forms for shading to retractable cabana covers...not to mention everything you can imagine in between...mix and match to your heart's delight!

Rimbeau from Jardin de Ville

Need something a little more...risque? Check out this artsy piece from guess who! Yup ole Starck is still at it...and yes it is called magic hole...

Eugeni Quitllet and Philippe Starck Magic Hole Outdoor Collection

Printed rug from TransOceana

Cutting edge rug fibers are softer than ever, and will withstand crushing, intense heat, and still look and feel like new. Simply hose them down and bleach if needed and they last for years...many prints are available in short weaves, loops, and cut piles, as well as acrylic seagrass, cocoa, and other faux natural fibers.
Adalusia Royal Lounge with Canopy by Century

A personal favorite of mine the individual  canopy, reeks of elegance that dates back to the days of old Egypt and beyond...The only thing missing is...well that's another story...

Pentium by Rausch Classics USA

These lighted pieces from Rausch Classics are a real crowd pleaser (above) and the Platform line (below) is a sophisticated look reminiscent of 80's classic movies...what's old is new again, only better!

Platform by Rausch Classics USA

Sydney Lounge from Zuo Modern Inc.

Madison MidCentMod from Thos Baker

For the Madman in you, or just to satisfy the latest dramatic influence on home interiors Thos Baker offers these lovelies...perfect for that martini, and your hot friend to share on the balcony stories above the city below! In addition to the Madison Baker offers Art Deco inspired club and lounge chairs. 

Who doesn't love if not pine for the Ibiza lounge...often referred to as Pod...

Ibiza Round Double Pool Lounger from Cassona Living

For the more traditional we have the stackable Milano chair. Fabricated from  Aluminum with a custom wood grained finish (several finishes are available) it looks like a piece of fine wood furniture! 
Milano Side Chair from American Trading Company
Amazingly it's Aluminum not wood!!

Then we have art as functional works. Beautiful visually these pieces form sofas, tables, benches and more. In addition to these internationally available pieces, most communities have local artisans creating work that multitasks...
Sculptural flawlessness from James Vilona

More from James Vilona

True traditionalist will love this simple line from Thos Baker. Most all styles of interior furnishings are represented by one or more exterior suppliers, including overstuffed multi-cushion sofas, wing back chairs, and tufted Chesterfield sofas!

Ocean Collection from Thos Baker

Particularly fun are the Nestrest and SlimLine from Dedon. NestRest can hang freely or set on a round rotating base. SlimLine DDC has several bold patterns available,  and the SlimLine Basic comes in solids, and some basket color patterns. 

NestRest by Dedon

SlimLine DDC by Dedon

All items above may be purchased through Interior Designers and Architects, and select Retailers. Some lines are Trade Only. For more information or pricing please contact

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