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A Few Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Brighter Shinier and More Festive for the Holidays!

Christmas Living Room
Living Room at Christmas. Interior Design and Christmas decor by PL&D/Patrick Landrum Design


   Christmas is coming up on us fast! Every one I talk to remarks at how quickly this past year became history. The holidays are upon us, and it is time to rejoice and celebrate life, love and family.
   Last night I watched "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", and it never fails to take me back to when I was just a kid, and Christmas was everything. Believe it or not, I still get all choked up when the toys on the Island of Misfit Toys are lamenting the fact that it’s Christmas Eve, and Rudolph apparently didn't make it back to Christmastown to tell Santa about them.
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on amazon
Rudolph on Amazon!

   The minute I hear the "ching ching ching ching ching" of Santa's sleighbells, that's it, and tears well up. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas, two sets of grandparents for many years, mom and dad, sister, brother and his wife and kids and more presents under the tree than anyone could ever deserve. 
   Every year I work with several clients decorating their homes for the holidays. My clients are my extended family, and helping bring joy to their season is a wonderful treat for me. This week I thought I would share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks to make your holiday decor shine.

    I hope these tips are helpful as you decorate for the season. Please comment with any additions to the list as the Holidays are a time for sharing!

   Thank you for your time, and here's to PL&D/Patrick Landrum Design finding a home in yours!

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Shinier and More Festive for the Holidays!       

   1. It’s ok to have a tree with no decorations other than lights. A prelit artificial tree can be a beautiful simple symbol of the holidays. 

   2. Pick a theme for your tree and use 5-9 (for a 6-7 ft tree) ornaments within the theme per 1/4 side of the tree. Then stop in at Hobby Lobby, or Garden Ridge, and grab boxes of colored glass balls (often at 1/2 off!) to fill in the empty spaces. 
   A few years ago I did a tree for tennis great Andy Roddick with nutcrackers holding tennis rackets, glass yellow tennis ball ornaments, and full size tennis rackets that was wonderful. 
  Musical instrument themed trees, old 4 records, even jumper cables (used as garland) for an automobile themed tree can work! Be creative. Ornaments are available to fit every theme, or try household items like kitchen utensils, perfume bottles etc.

   3. Remember that ribbon bows, and simple glass balls make a beautiful tree if you are just starting your family, or this is your first tree.

   4. Fill glass bowls, and vases with multicolored glass balls to carry the color and sparkle around the room.

   5. Pick focal points around your rooms, and add small "vignettes" of decorations, based on the theme of your tree. This little bit will create continuity, and mentally remind your subconscious of the tree. Colored bows, sprigs of greenery, glass balls all work well.
Christopher Hyland Interior Design
Christopher Hyland Design Chandelier sprays
Christopher Hyland Interior Design chandelier sprays

  6. Add sprigs of greenery, bows, and other size appropriate items to your chandeliers, balconies, and stair railings. Swagged garland is a favorite for stairs!
  7. Remember to add timers for indoor and outdoor lighting, (savings can be big!).

  8. Don't forget your sense of smell! Mix live with artificial garland if your allergies can stand it. There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut Christmas greenery to set the stage for Santa! If live is too much for you, artificial is great but include candles in bayberry, cinnamon, peppermint, and winterforest throughout the home!

There are also several wonderful non aerosol sprays available now. Stay away from supermarket fragrances ie. Glade, etc., as they smell artificial, and like you are trying to cover something up.

Traditional Home Facebook Post Stair Festoon
From Traditional Home on Facebook

9. Don't throw away all your older decorations. Sift through and see what you can reuse. Usually at least 25% of the old stuff can be redesigned.

10. Enjoy the Love, Beauty, Wonder, and Glory of the Season! 

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Happy Holidaze to All!!

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